XXVI - International Scientific Conference on
Mathematical Methods in Technics and Technologies- - 26
April 24-26, 2013, Saratov State Technical University, Saratov city, Russia
May 27 30, 2013, N.Novgorog State Technical University named after Alekseev , N. Novgorod, Russia



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Rules of writing reports
The recommended volume of the conference report is 2 - 4 pages, at the conference student section is 1 - 2 pages. The text has to be in WinWord 7.0-2000, a font is 13 "Times New Roman Cyr; format 4 through 1 interval; fields around 20 mm. The scanned drawings are carried out in a black-and-white mode, and drawn in graphic editor Word are grouped. For a set of formulas mathematical editors (Microsoft Equation 3.0) are used; style is mathematical. A body type in the mathematical editor is Times New Roman. The sizes of symbols in the mathematical editor are the following: usual 10, a large index 6, a small index 5, a large symbol 16, a small symbol 10. The title of the report is printed in bold capital letters on the 1st or on the 1-2 lines (no more), authors surname and name is on the next line (no more than 4!), then the full name of the organization and the e-mail on the next line (no more than 1 line), after that the admission of one line, the report text settles down. Please dont use: long introductions, "many-storeyed" formulas, proofs, difficult drawings and tables, allocation by italics and a bold type. Use please: "slanting fractions", "inverse functions", reductions. Could you please apply trailer references to the literature, reference number is printed at line in square brackets. The reference number should be minimum (no more than 2-3!). The report is leveled on width.

Example of the report (in the original there should be a font size 13!)

Ivanov S.O., PetrovA I.O.
Vasyukinsky state university, joint-stock company RIK, dok@npt.ru

Identification of physical and chemical processes mechanisms is the challenge which is not always having the unique decision [1]. As an example of the identification mechanism is [2]. It is possible to present this process by system of the equations [2] at a number of assumptions
i=1 , i=2 , (1)
where is concentration and factor of diffusion of organic acid; t - time.

1. Vasilev V. A, Romanovsky JU.M. Autowave processes. : Science, 1987.
2. Jonson R. Study G. Solid and Liquid. 1996. V.23. 3.
() (), , , ..... ӻ .

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